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Jihong Shi

Mr Jihong Shi

PhD Student

Research interests

  • Physics

Contact details


Jihong Shi is a PhD student in the Department of Physics. His research focuses on crystal growth processes in a variety of fields and is funded by the Kings-China Scholarship Council PhD Scholarship Programme (K-CSC) award.

He received a combined B.E./M.E. in Engineering Thermophysics at China University of Petroleum in 2019. He interned as a visiting student at various universities between 2016 to 2019, including King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia), Tsinghua University (China), and Chaoyang University of Technology (Taichung, China).

Research Interests

  • Crystallization
  • Molecular dynamics simulations
  • Neural network approach

PhD Supervision

Principal supervisor: Professor Carla Molteni