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Jim Hopkins

Dr Jim Hopkins

Reader Emeritus in Philosophy


Jim Hopkins is Reader Emeritus in Philosophy at King’s College and Visiting Professor in the Psychoanalysis Unit of the Research Department of Clinical and Health Psychology at University College London.  He was Kohut Visiting Professor of Social Thought at the University of Chicago for 2008.   His main work has been on psychoanalysis, consciousness, Wittgenstein, and interpretation.

Selected publications

Available online: (See also the members section of the London Philosophy and Psychoanalysis Group at

2012 'Understanding and Healing: Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry in the Era of Neuroscience (unedited version) forthcoming in The Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Psychiatry, ed. W. Fulford, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2012 'Conflict Creates an Unconscious ID' forthcoming in Neuropsychoanalysis.

2012 ‘Psychoanalysis Representation and Neuroscience: the Freudian unconscious and the Bayesian brain’ in Fotopolu,  Pfaff, and Conway, eds From the Couch to the Lab: Psychoanalysis, Neuroscience and  Cognitive Psychology in Dialogue.  Oxford: Oxford University Press 2012 (prepublication version).

2012 ‘Rules, Privacy, and Physicalism’ in Ellis and Guevara, eds, Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Mind, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012 (prepublication version.)

2012 ‘Psychoanalysis: Philosophical Issues’ SAGE Reference project Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Social Sciences, forthcoming 2012.

2007 ‘The Problem of Consciousness and the Innerness of the Mind’ in M.M. McCabe and M. Textor, ed, Perspectives on Perception, Frankfurt: Lancaster Publishers, 2007 (prepublication)

2004 ‘Wittgenstein and the Life of Signs’ in Kohbel and Weiss, eds, Wittgenstein’s Lasting Significance, London: Routledge, 2004 (prepublication)

2004 ‘Conscience and Conflict: Darwin, Freud, and the Origins of Human Aggression’ in D. Evans and P. Cruse, ed, Emotion, Evolution, and Rationality, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004.

2003 Unpublished: 'The Death Drive' paper for the Institute of Psychoanalysis, meeting on Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, London.

2003 ‘Emotion, Evolution, and Conflict’ in M. Chung, ed., Psychoanalytic Knowledge, London: Macmillan: Palgrove Press, 2003.

2000 'Psychoanalysis, Metaphor, and the Concept of Mind', in M. Levine, ed, The Analytic Freud, London: Routledge.

2000 'Evolution, Consciousness, and the Internality of Mind', in P. Carruthers and A. Chamberlin, eds, Evolution and the Human Mind,  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

1999 'Freud and the Science of Mind' in G. Howie, ed, The Edinburgh Encylopaedia of Continental Philosophy, Edinburgh University Press.

1999 'Patterns of Interpretation: Speech, Action, and Dream' in L Marcus, ed, Cultural Documents: The Interpretation of Dreams, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

1999 'Wittgenstein, Davidson, and Radical Interpretation' in F. Hahn, ed, The Library of Living Philosophers: Donald Davidson  Chicago: Open Court.

1996 'Psychoanalytic and Scientific Reasoning', The British Journal of Psychotherapy, 13(1), Autumn.

1995 'Wittgenstein, Interpretation, and the Foundations of Psychoanalysis', in New Formations: Special Issue on Psychonanalysis and Culture, Autumn 1995.

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1988: 'Epistemology and Depth Psychology' in P. Clark and C. Wright, eds, Mind, Psychoanalysis, and Science, Oxford: Blackwell Publishers.

1987: 'Synthesis in the Imagination: Psychoanalysis, Infantile Experience, and the Concept of an Object', in J. Russell, ed, Philosophical Perspectives on Developmental Psychology, Oxford: Basil Blackwell.

1982, 1995, 2007 'Introduction: Philosophy and Psychoanalysis', in R. Wollheim and J. Hopkins, eds, Philosophical Essays on Freud, Cambridge University Press, 1982, in C. & G.  MacDonald, eds, Philosophy of Psychology: Debates on Psychological Explanation, Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1995. Digitally reprinted by CUP 2007, available in reprint on demand from CUP.

1974: 'Wittgenstein and Physicalism' Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Vol LXXV.

1973, 1982: 'Visual Geometry' The Philosophical Review, 82; reprinted in R. Walker, ed, Kant on Pure Reason, in The Oxford Readings in Philosophy, Oxford University Press, 1982.