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Jiyoun Chang

Ms Jiyoun Chang

PhD Student in Public Services Management and Organisation

Research interests

  • Public Services Management & Organisation

Contact details


Supervisors: Professor Ewan Ferlie, Dr Susan Trenholm

Year of Entry: 2018, full-time

Research Group: Public Services Management & Organisation

Project Title: Organisational response to epidemics: The comparative case study of SARS and MERS in South Korea

Jiyoun has a BA and MA in Public Administration from the Ewha Womans University. Jiyoun's PhD is on the organisational response to epidemics within South Korea. This study will include two comparative case studies of such responses at both the country and local levels.

Her academic interests include: the New Public Management; organization theory; network governance; and complexity theory as well as the more substantive areas of infectious disease management and public health emergency.

Previously, Jiyoun worked as a teaching fellow at a college and a research assistant at a university in South Korea. Before joining King’s, she published an article about governance dynamics of a public health emergency response in South Korea. Apart from her work in academia, Jiyoun has several years of experience in social/political survey and public sector consulting.

Research Profile

Chang, J. (2017). Public Health Disasters and the Evolution of Pandemic Response Structures: A Case Study of MERS in Korea. Korean Journal of Policy Studies.