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Dr Johanna Amaya-Panche

Senior GTA


I am a PhD in government from the University of Essex. My doctoral research focused on the dynamics of foreign aid related to results in reconciliation processes at the sub-national level, using qualitative and quantitative methods.

I have taught a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses at King’s College, University College of London and the University of Essex in Politics, international relations, methodology and research and conflict. I have extensive teaching experience across different disciplines and levels, including core modules, certified last year by the UK Higher Education Academy through its Associate Fellowship.

While my teaching experience began in international relations and Latin American studies in Colombia, in the last seven years, I have focused primarily on teaching political science, international relations and research at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the UK and Colombia.

I have also been a guest lecturer on conflict-related violence, international relations and democracy, particularly in Latin America, which substantively relate to my research in Maastricht, Javeriana University and civil society organisations events. 


  • International relations
  • Peacebuilding
  • Collective action
  • Latin America


  • Fundamentals of Politics Research
  • Research Methods



Amaya-Panche, J., & Idrobo, J. (2018). Reconciliaciones y resistencias: Modelos mentales y aprendizajes colectivos en la construcción de paz territorial en Colombia. (1st ed.; J. Velasco, Jhon; Amaya Panche, ed.). Retrieved from

Papers in Academic Journals and Book Chapters

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Policy brief

Amaya-Panche, J. (2021). Implementing the Peace Agreement in Colombia. Challenges for Peacebuilding and Reconciliation. European Union. Institute for Security Studies. Publication date: May 2021.