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Jon-Erik Dahlin

Dr Jon-Erik Dahlin

Reader in Engineering Education

Research interests

  • Engineering


Dr Jon-Erik Dahlin joined King’s as a Reader in Engineering Education in September 2023, taking on a key responsibility for the capstone group projects in the General and Electronic Engineering courses. He is also involved in the development of innovative pedagogical methods, and integrating sustainability perspectives into engineering education.

With a background in physics and a PhD in fusion plasma physics, Jon-Erik has made contributions to numerical simulation of plasma instabilities using a magneto-hydrodynamic computer model, and developed a feedback controller to stabilise runaway modes in a toroidal fusion reactor. As an esteemed educator, he has taught a wide array of engineering subjects and supervised over 100 students, spanning from Bachelor to PhD levels. He has also led the creation of new education programmes and championed experiential and active learning. One branch of active learning that Jon-Erik has explored extensively both pedagogically and as a scholar, has been the utilisation of educational games such as board games, simulation games and role plays in various forms. Jon-Erik has developed an educational board game called ‘Dilemma’, and created modifications to several others.

In recent years, Jon-Erik‘s research has centred on sustainability competences in higher education and corporate settings, focusing on systems thinking, critical thinking, and values thinking. Additionally, he is the CEO and founder of Snowflake Education, a company dedicated to promoting sustainable development in higher education and corporate training.

Jon-Erik is a sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator for conferences and training sessions, where he shares insights on teaching sustainability in higher education and assessing organisational impacts on the Sustainable Development Goals. He also serves as the President of the Swedish Space Society.

Research interests

  • Engineering education
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Sustainability key competences in industry and business
  • Sustainable energy technology
  • Fusion plasma physics

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