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Jonathan  Breckon

Jonathan Breckon

Visiting Senior Research Fellow


Jonathan is an independent consultant and policy adviser providing research, advice, and training in evidence-informed policy and practice. He was formerly Director of the Alliance for Useful Evidence. The Alliance champions the smarter use of research and evidence in social policy and practice, through research, ideas, training, and advocacy. Formerly Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the Arts and Humanities Research Council, he has had policy roles at the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers), the British Academy, and Universities UK.

Jonathan has served as a board member of the Campaign for Social Science, Society for Evidence-Based Policing, and the Cabinet Office What Works Council. He is a Director of the Department for Education’s What Works for Children's Social Care which was incubated at Nesta and will be made an independent body in 2020.  His research and professional interests cover politics and psychology, the  relationship between evidence and policy-making, and the role of professional bodies, such as medical Royal Colleges, in applying evidence-based practice.