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My lab aims to understand basic processes in neuronal function and development by identifying the key pathways and genes involved to provide novel insight into neurological disease.Our work will contribute in the long term to improved quality of life by providing new knowledge about nervous system function and development that can be used to combat neuropathological disease. Our two main areas of interest are:

  • Mitochondrial dysfunction in the nervous system and its role in neurodegenerative disease
  • Regulation of neurogenesis by mTOR signalling and its role in epilepsy

Please see my Research Staff Profile for more detail.


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Key Publications:

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Key Collaborators:

  • Dr Sila Ultanir, Francis Crick Institute
  • Professor Navdeep Chandel, Northwestern University
  • Professor Jernej Murn, University of California Riverside
  • Dr Cathy Fernandes, King's College London