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Josh Martin

Mr Josh Martin

PhD Student in Economics

Research interests

  • Economics




Research title: Advancing measurement of productivity and capital

Year of entry: 2023, Part-Time

Supervisors: Professor Rebecca Riley, Professor Jonathan Haskel

Josh Martin is a PhD Student in Economics at King's Business School. He also works as Adviser to Jonathan Haskel on the Monetary Policy Committee at the Bank of England.

His research interests are in economic measurement, having worked at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for over 5 years before moving to the Bank. In that time Josh has worked on a range of topics relating to productivity and capital.

His research includes: measuring productivity of "hard to measure" activities, such as the non-profit sector and government; measuring intangible investment; the concept of capital for economic measurement; environmental issues in the measurement of productivity and capital; and "Beyond GDP". High quality economic measurement is crucial for understanding and managing the economy, and my research contributes to better measuring the economy.

Josh is published in the National Institute Economic Review, International Productivity Monitor, Review of Income and Wealth, and NBER working papers. He also has several Discussion Papers and blogs with the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE), papers with The Productivity Institute, statistical releases and research articles for ONS, and blogged for Bank of England, ONS, and Wonkhe. He has presented at various international conferences.

Josh is a member of The Productivity Institute, a member of the International Advisory Committee of the International Productivity Monitor, and an Economic Associate with Pro Bono Economics. He was formerly a Topic Lead for ESCoE.