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Dr Juliet Perkins

Visiting Senior Research Fellow


As Senior Lecturer in Portuguese Studies, I have taught Portuguese Medieval and Renaissance Literature, 20th-century poetry and fiction, drama of all periods, and translation. Since retirement in 2011, I have principally focussed, as part of an international team, on translating into English and indexing the complete chronicles of Fernão Lopes (c.1380-c.1460). Associated research has been on Fernão Lopes’s use of sources. I continue my research interest on King Duarte of Portugal (1433-38), aiming to publish an anthology of his works in English translation. Recent conference papers are being revised for publication: one on Fernão Lopes’s reception of Petrarch; another on the largely ignored role of horses and riding accidents in medieval and early modern Portugal. I am revisiting the work of some contemporary Portuguese poets whom I taught during my time in the Department of Portuguese & Brazilian Studies.

Research interests and PhD supervision

  • Fernão Lopes, his chronicles and his sources
  • King Duarte of Portugal’s moral and didactic prose

Expertise and public engagement

Guest speaker on BBC Radio 4 ‘In Our Time’, on the Portuguese Modernist poet, Fernando Pessoa. Broadcast 3 December 2020.

Selected publications

  • The Chronicles of Fernão Lopes, 5 vols, (Woodbridge> Tamesis, 2023)


  • ‘Fernão Lopes and Livy’, Medium Aevum (forthcoming, 2023)


  • ‘Service, not Subservience: Chapter 98 of Dom Duarte’s Leal Conselheiro’, Portuguese Studies, 31.2 (2015), 209-21


  • A Critical Study and Translation of António José da Silva’s Cretan Labyrinth: a puppet opera (Lewiston-Queenston-Lampeter: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2004)


  • The Feminine in the Poetry of Herberto Helder (London: Tamesis Press, 1991)