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Dr Karl Lawrence

Research Fellow


Dr Karl Lawrence is a a research fellow in the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science. He completed his PhD at KCL at St. Johns Institute of Dermatology where he investigated the effects of UV and visible light on the skin, and develop novel photoprotection methods. His PhD studentship was funded my BASF Germany, where he spent part of his studies. His work led to two patents and articles in a number of scientific journals. Following his PhD, Karl started a post-doctoral position at Queen Mary, University of London in the Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research department. Here he worked on developing a novel ex vivo skin tissue culture device that improved maintenance of the skin compared to traditional culture techniques. This led to the formation of a QMUL spin out company, where Karl took the position of CSO. Here he continued to develop the device and used it to create next generation skin toxicology tests for dermal absorption, skin irritation and corrosion. He also worked closely with industry on a number of research projects for new product development. In his role at KCL he is developing a novel non-invasive skin sampling device, with applications in a range of different areas including disease diagnosis and monitoring. 


Karl is a teacher on the course: Advanced Formulation Techniques.