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Kerri  Beckmann

Dr Kerri Beckmann

Research Associate


Dr Kerri Beckmann is a post-doctoral researcher in the TOUR Team at KCL, with extensive experience in cancer epidemiology. She is a recipient of an Early Career Researcher Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia). Kerri’s current research focuses on outcomes for men with prostate cancer. She has worked in collaboration with colleagues from Sweden, at the Uppsala Regional Cancer Centre and at Karolinksa Institutet to better understand factors that influence the risk of developing prostate cancer, it’s diagnosis, treatment decisions and outcomes. Recently completed studies include an examination of the relationship between chronic inflammatory diseases, anti-inflammatory medications and risk of prostate cancer; whether men’s decision to undergo active surveillance is influences by past PSA testing or history of a negative prostate biopsy; the effects of different classes of androgen deprivation therapy on overall comorbidity among men with prostate cancer; and an exploration of how medications for diabetes may influence prostate cancer diagnosis/detection. Kerri is actively engaged in teaching epidemiological research methods, supervising Masters of Research students and assisting in various epidemiological research projects with clinicians from Guy’s Hospital.