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Kingsley Chukwu

Postgraduate Research Student

Research interests

  • Conflict
  • Economics
  • Security


Kingsley Chukwu is a PhD student in Leadership Studies with reference to Security and Development. Kingsley was a Royster Global fellow in the partnership between King’s College London and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). He has also been a visiting scholar at Vassar College, New York. He has a BSc (Honours) from the University of Nigeria and an MA from Middlesex University London. 


Thesis Title: 'Insurgency and counter-insurgency effects on informality in north-east Nigeria: Leadership and economic exchanges in the context of insecurity'

Kingsley's research undertakes a multi-disciplinary approach on informality in North-east Nigeria comprising the local informal economy and local leadership networks. The work is situated at the intersection of insurgency, counter insurgency, leadership and the informal economy.

The insurgency in north-east Nigeria has been extensively studied, however the leadership dimension of the conflict remains unexplored. This research aims to provide a unique contribution to the study of insurgency in the region. It aims to fill this gap by exploring the informal leadership processes in the local communities in the region. 

Research Interests:

  • Economic consequences of armed insurgency and terrorism
  • Businesses and the informal economy in crisis regions 
  • Boko Haram in West Africa
  • Private military in sub-Saharan Africa 
  • Conflict, security and development

PhD supervision

Further details

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