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Kirsty Whitelock

Ms Kirsty Whitelock

Senior Careers Consultant




Kirsty Whitelock is a Senior Careers Consultant at King's Business School. Kirsty supports students across postgraduate courses including those focusing on management, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Kirsty gained a PGDip in Career Coaching and has worked in the higher education space for a number of years, designing and implementing career programmes, skills sessions and events.

Prior to joining King's Business School, Kirsty supported the career development of students at University College London and the London School of Economics and Political Science. In previous roles, Kirsty led a Social Mobility Careers Programme, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing social equity through career support, and the development of a professional skills programme.

Kirsty integrates her career development expertise with previous experience in the communications sector and third sector, to support individuals in achieving their professional objectives. She’s passionate about the power of positive communications and helping people convey their career stories with impact.