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Laurie Benson

Social Science Tutor


Laurie holds an MA in International Conflict Studies and a PhD in International Relations from King’s College London, Department of War Studies. Her research focuses on the postcolonial legacies of conflict, notably French-Algerian relations, and she is particularly interested in how these racialised entanglements play out within the global arts world. This has led to interdisciplinary collaborations with charities including Arts Cabinet, King’s Migration Research Group, and in forthcoming publications.

Prior to working at King’s, Laurie was a Senior Teaching Fellow at SOAS, redesigning and convening the core Liberal Arts BA1 module, ‘Introduction to Global Studies’, and teaching on modules including, ‘Decolonising World Politics’ and ‘Introduction to Global History’.

Her wider research interests focus on creative pedagogical methods, decolonial theory, and educational access.