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Thomas Young Centre - Professor Lev Kantorovich

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Lev studied physics at the Latvian University, Riga, Latvia (formerly USSR) between 1974-9 and then worked as a researcher in Riga. He defended his PhD on Theoretical Simulation of Radiative Processes in 1975. In 1994 he moved to the UK for a postdoctoral position in Keele with Mike Gillan on AB Initio Modelling of Surfaces. In 1996 he moved to University College London to work with Marshall Stoneham and Alex Shluger on AFM Modelling. Between 2000 and 2002 he was a temporary lecturer position at University College London.  Lev became a Lecturer at King’s College London in 2002 progressing to a Reader in 2005 and a Professor in 2009.


Theoretical simulations of STM and Non-Contact AFM imaging of crystal surfaces, manipulation of atoms and molecules by means of STM and AFM, surface defects and adsorbed species; self-assembled supra-molecular assemblies of organic molecules on metallic and semiconducting surfaces; development of electronic embedding techniques; group-function methods; non-equilibrium statistical mechanics including classical and quantum dynamics of open system using Generalise Langevin Equation; quantum transport and noise in multi-terminal junctions studied using non-equilibrium Green’s Functions; growth of graphene and self-assembled structures using Kinetic Monte-Carlo.