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Lilli Rupprechter

Lilli Rupprechter

PhD student

Research interests

  • Climate action (SDG 13)
  • Environment
  • Policy
  • Politics


Lilli is a PhD researcher in the Department of Geography at King's College London and a recipient of the London Interdisciplinary Social Science (LISS) scholarship. Her doctoral research investigates the co-production of climate adaptation information and decision-making in Austria with a central focus on the contested meaning of success in co-production. She is also passionate about teaching and active learning.

Before joining King’s, she worked as a climate change communication specialist at the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) in Vienna. There, she spearheaded the development of national climate change communication strategies and researched risk perception of climate change within society. She completed an MSc in Global Environment, Politics and Society from the University of Edinburgh, where she investigated diverse approaches to communicating climate change across various audiences.


Thesis title: ‘What does success mean? Co-producing Climate Adaptation Information and Decision-Making in Austria.’

Lilli’s research, taking place at the science-policy interface, focuses on understanding what success means in the context of co-producing climate adaptation information.

The core objective of her PhD is to investigate what success means in the co-production process via three interrelated aims:

  1. To map the different types of co-production practised in Austrian climate information and adaptation planning efforts;
  2. To investigate what success means in the co-production of climate information, and how success aligns with different types of co-production; and
  3. To analyse the link between the use and usability of co-produced information for adaptation decision-making.

PhD supervision

Further details

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