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Linus Dietz

Dr Linus Dietz

Research Associate

Research interests

  • Computer science

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Linus is a Research Associate at the Centre for Urban Science and Progress at King's College London, where he focuses on the intersection of urban computing, recommender systems, and data science. Prior to this, he completed his doctoral studies on "Data-driven Destination Recommender Systems" at the Chair of Connected Mobility at the Technical University of Munich.

Currently, he is involved in the Horizon 2020 project "GoGreenRoutes," which entails the development of a pedestrian routing engine aimed at optimizing exposure to diverse qualities of urban greenery. His research interests encompass measuring relevant concepts for understanding urban spaces. Using quantitative approaches, he has compared various data sources to capture the "touristic experience of visiting a city" and is currently engaged in a study to assess urban parks regarding their potential for health-promoting activities. These approaches have the potential to influence urban planning. Linus has also demonstrated how such findings can be operationalized in AI systems, such as recommender systems, to positively impact planning processes and the decision-making of individuals.

Research interests

  • Urban computing
  • Recommender systems
  • Data science

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