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Liz Ing-Simmons

Liz Ing-Simmons

Senior Research Software Engineer


Liz is a Senior Research Software Engineer (RSE) who joined e-Research in March 2024. As an RSE, Liz works with researchers to develop research software, improve the robustness, reproducibility, and usability of existing code, and identify the most effective ways to address research questions using existing or new software. She is also involved in the computational skills training carried out by e-Research.

Liz's research background is in biology, specifically functional genomics. Before joining King's, she worked at the MRC Laboratory of Medical Sciences and the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, where she integrated diverse datasets, including Hi-C and single-cell gene expression data, to investigate gene regulation during development and differentiation. Liz holds a PhD from Imperial College London and an MSci in Systems Biology from the University of Cambridge.

If you would like to work with the RSE group on one of your projects or have any questions about RSE more generally, please contact us at