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Louise Bowler

Louise Bowler

Senior Research Software Engineer


Louise is a Senior Research Software Engineer (RSE) in the e-Research team. She joined the team in January 2024, having previously worked as a Software Developer in the Civil Service and as a Research Data Scientist at the Alan Turing Institute.

Delivering sustainable software in collaboration with data science teams has been a priority throughout Louise's work. She has supported government data scientists in the delivery of a public-facing dashboard and worked with academic teams on both original data science projects and on software platforms to widen the reach of novel research. These included a visualisation toolkit to interactively explore simulations of traffic in urban environments and a platform to conduct simulations of electricity distribution networks under different conditions.

Louise's research background is in computational biology, specifically in building and utilising detailed mathematical and computational models of physiological systems. She holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford's Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre and an MSci in Physics from Imperial College London.

As an RSE, Louise's goal is to make it easier to reproduce, share, and build upon research projects. She draws upon her experience from past projects to engage with research groups and identify a suitable path forward, whether that be by introducing more advanced programming practices into a project in collaboration with the research team or by independently working on new software to expand the reach of the team's work. She is also a keen supporter of the e-Research team's training activities in the research software space.

If you would like to work with the RSE group on one of your projects or have any questions about RSE more generally, please contact us at