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Lucas Palumbo

Lucas Palumbo

Project Officer (Vision 2029)


Lucas is the Project Officer (Vision 2029) in the Principal's Office.

Lucas joined King’s as a Master students in 2019. His academic and professional focus has always revolved around the resolution of global humanitarian, socio-economic and political challenges. For a year and half, he worked as an Interim Project Assistant for the PLuS Alliance and the Internationalisation team on selected projects, including the development of a Joint Doctoral Academy in collaboration with key partner universities in Africa. In 2021, Lucas officially joined the Principal’s Office as a Project Officer (Vision 2029) where he is responsible for the administration of a portfolio of projects and key strategic priorities for the delivery of the Internationalisation and Service ambitions outlined in King’s Vision 2029.

He holds a BA in Social Sciences (International Relations, Sociology and Philosophy) from Durham University and an MSc in Emerging Economies and international Development from King’s College London, for which he respectively conducted researches on the impact of humanitarian interventions on local populations in Rwanda and the socio-political impacts of the Hirak Revolution on the collective identity and nation building efforts of Algeria.