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Luqmaan Waqar

Mr Luqmaan Waqar

PhD Research Student


Luqmaan graduated with a BSc Psychology from Queen Mary, University of London in 2016 and subsequently completed an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies and a Master of Research (MRes) Psychology at The University of Manchester.

Luqmaan joined the Department of Psychology in 2021. His research investigates the quantitative and qualitative association between loneliness, social isolation and mental health difficulties among young adults and postgraduate research students (PGRs). The findings from these studies will inform the development and evaluation of an intervention to reduce loneliness among PGRs.

The title of Luqmaan's project is "Investigating the association between loneliness/social isolation and mental health amoung postgraduate research students (PGRs):  A longitudinal quantitative and qualitative study for the development and evaluation of a complex intervention".