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Maeve McLoughlin

PhD student

Research interests

  • Geography


Prior to commencing her PhD in 2014, Maeve McLoughlin worked for over a decade in environmental risk and compliance, and broader sustainability issues. She worked both in-house and as an external consultant across a range of industries, developing global, European and national strategies, policies, practical implementation methods, and meeting corporate governance monitoring and reporting requirements.  


Thesis title 'In light of dieselgate, how can Europe better regulate diesel vehicle emissions?'

Maeve's PhD research project aims to compare and contrast the utilisation and learning from specific regulatory quality tools and processes (RIA and ex-post evaluation) in the risk management development phase of environment risk regulation controlling air pollution in Europe and the US.  Her specific focus is on the control of tailpipe emissions from leaded petrol vehicles over the period 1970-1990, and diesel vehicles over the period 1990 - present.  Her hypothesis is that US policy makers were ahead of their time in comparison with Europe in utilising and learning from specific best practice regulatory tools in the area of vehicle related air pollution. She aims also to understand what (if any) learnings there are from testing this hypothesis.

PhD Supervision

Further details

Please see Maeve's Research Profile for further details.