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Manuela Pallotto Strickland

Dr Manuela Pallotto Strickland

Metadata and Digital Preservation Coordinator


Manuela works in the King’s College London Archives. Her responsibilities include curating metadata for digitised and digital-born collection assets and coordinating digital preservation activities for the digital content collected in the Archives. Prior to joining the Archives team, she worked in Research Support with the Open Access Librarian and the Research Data Manager, providing support to academics and early career researchers in the areas of Research Data Management and Open Access.

She holds a PhD in Philosophy, an MA in Library and Information Science, and was previously working as Assistant Chair and Adjunct Professor of Aesthetics and Theory of Art in Italy. She was part of the Second RLUK-ARMA 2023-2024 Research Catalyst Cohort.

Areas of Expertise

Manuela’s areas of research include

  • Preservation of executable and Semantic 'Research Objects’ in a FAIR landscape.
  • Preservation requirements for AI technologies, specifically machine learning datasets (training and test) and Knowledge Graphs.
  • Methodological and theoretical crosspollination between Digital Humanities and Archival Studies in the field of Computational Archival Science.
  • Epistemological questions underpinning preservation and curation of web archives.
  • Philosophies and epistemologies of Digital Preservation.

Ask her about metadata for digital assets and digital preservation standards, best practices and tools.



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Book Chapters

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Conference Papers

Pallotto Strickland, M. (2008). Entartete Kunstgeschichte – Storia dell’arte degenerata. Categorie e temi della storiografia artistica, tra biopolitica e storia dello stile. [Conference paper]

Pallotto Strickland, M. (2007). Art History in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. Notes on the Aestheticization of Historical Knowledge. [Conference paper]