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Marcelo Salierno

Sustainability Lead (Research), Research Platforms RMID


Marcelo earned his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, where he made significant contributions to optobiology through the design of innovative photoactivatable bioactive molecules. His career has been a global journey, acquiring research experience in biomaterials at the Max Planck Institute for Polymers in Germany, immersing himself in tissue engineering at GeorgiaTech in the USA, and exploring cell reprogramming in neurobiology at King's College London. This diverse background has resulted in numerous interdisciplinary publications and established a wide-ranging scientific collaborative network.

Marcelo's academic path has recently led him to a pivotal role in promoting sustainability within the scientific community at King's College London. Leveraging his extensive experience gained from labs worldwide, he is now positioned to champion sustainability initiatives within research. Marcelo's mission is to shape a more sustainable and responsible future for research practices and the broader community by tapping into his expertise and approaching an interdisciplinary perspective.