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Max Edling is an expert on the American founding and the early United States. A native of Sweden he did his undergraduate studies at Lund University before earning an MPhil degree from the University of Dublin, a PhD degree in history from Cambridge University and a PhD degree in political science from Stockholm University. He was awarded the Docent degree by Uppsala University in 2012. Before joining King’s in 2012 Edling taught at Uppsala University and Loughborough University. Edling has held visiting appointments at Cornell University, the Stanford Humanities Center and0 the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study.

Research interests

  • American founding
  • United States early republic 
  • Early American state formation 
  • Early American public finance

Dr Edling’s research has focused on the American founding and the creation of the American state. His most recent project was an investigation of the fiscal system and public finances in the United States from the American Revolution to the aftermath of the Civil War, with a focus on the funding of war and territorial expansion. Dr Edling is currently working on a short book on the origins of the US Constitution. A complementary study challenges the idea of the United States as the first liberal nation by investigating the composite or imperial structure of the early American polity.Dr Edling is willing to supervise broadly in the intellectual, institutional and legal history of the American Revolution and founding. Projects dealing with political ideology, governmental institutions and policies, and the legal history of slavery, Native Americans, free people of colour, women, and servants in late colonial British North America and the early American republic are particularly welcome.

For more details, please see his full research profile.


Dr. Edling teaches North American history up to 1865 with a special focus on the American Revolution and the early republic.

Expertise and public engagement

Max Edling is a board member of the European Early American Studies Association, which everyone interested in North American colonial history and the early U.S. republic is welcome to join:

Edling is on the editorial board of the Journal of Early American History and American Political Thought: A Journal of Ideas, Institutions and Culture. Edling has written popular essays and reviews in American history in Swedish and occasionally in English, something he would like to do more in the future. His essay on the inauguration of George Washington can be read at