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Mengyao Zhang

PhD Candidate

Research interests

  • Politics


Mengyao graduated from the University of Manchester with BA and MA in Economics (2011). She started her research interests since she did her MA in the University of York. She obtained a Master’s degree in Social Policy from the University of York (2013). Mengyao is currently doing the research on multidimensional exclusions in shanytowns in Shanghai and trying to provide a new perspective to understand and make policies aiming at shantytowns in China.

Doctoral Research

The impact of social exclusion on multiple social problems and policy-making in shantytowns in Shanghai

Research Interests

  • Multidimensional Social Exclusion
  • Basic Civic Rights
  • The role of Government
  • Accession to Welfare Services
  • Policy Making


Dr Rod Dacombe and Dr Emily Skarbek (Brown University)