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Michael C. Davies

PhD Candidate


Michael C Davies is a PhD candidate in Defence Studies at King’s College London, focusing on the theory and practice of strategic victory. Most recently, he was an editor for Jones Day. He previously worked at the US National Defense University, conducting lessons learned research on the Wars of 9/11. He has co-authored two books, Human Terrain Teams: An Organizational Innovation for Sociocultural Knowledge in Irregular Warfare and Revolution Abandoned: The Civilian Expeditionary Workforce at War, and co-edited Changing Mindsets to Transform Security: Leader Development for a Complex and Unpredictable World. He has also written numerous articles on strategic failure and national security reform. He is one of the progenitors of the Human Domain doctrinal concept. He studied at the Australian National University, receiving a Master of Strategic Affairs at the Strategic and Defence Studies Center and a BA in International Relations and Political Science.

Thesis Title

Who Won the Iraq War (2003-2011)?

Research Interests

Strategic theory, victory theory, defeat theory, international relations theory, strategic culture, national security reform, decision-making, war termination, domestic will, mobilization models, military doctrine, warfare concepts, intelligence analysis, social contract theory, development and reconstruction, Washington Consensus, the Blob, the Anti-Blob, human terrain, human domain, multi-domain operations, multi-domain battle.


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