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Mike Bryant

Mike Bryant

Research Associate


Mike has a BA in History from Lancaster University and an MA in Digital Asset Management from King's College London. Following university, he became interested in computer programming and worked for several years as a software developer in the SoHo visual effects industry, primarily focused on data management and the development of workflow tools.

After joining KCL's Centre for e-Research in early 2010 Mike conducted research into open-source OCR infrastructures for the Ocropodium Project, and now works for DDH on the EHRI project, focusing on data integration, user interfaces, and automated metadata extraction.

Research Interests

  • Information extraction
  • Web technologies
  • Image processing
  • User interface design

Mike's research interests broadly concern information management, automated metadata extraction, and user interface design. He currently works on the EHRI project, a pan-European undertaking to build an infrastructure dedicated to Holocaust scholarship. Within the EHRI consortium, Mike is researching data integration strategies and contributes to the development of the portal and integrated virtual research environment.

For more details, please see his full research profile.