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Molly achieved a BSc in Physics achieved from the University of Sussex. Her BSc Dissertation was titled, ‘AtomicMagnetometry for the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Experiment’. This research focused on improving the performance of Cesium magnetometers for use in the measurement of a possible neutron electric dipole moment, which if measured, would be a source of CP symmetry violation that could aid the explanation of the matter-antimatter asymmetry observed in the universe.

She went on to achieve an MSc in Physics at King’s College London. Her MSc dissertation was titled, ‘Optical and Electrical Detection of Levitated Nano- and Micro-scale Particles’. This research focused on sourcing proof that the novel Event Based Imaging camera has a greater temporal resolution than the traditional CMOS camera, with the overall goal being a refinement of the methods available for tracking the motion of levitated oscillators.

Furthermore, there was also a focus on using a lock-in amplifier to electrically detect the current induced in a circuit by a charged levitated oscillator, a method of particle tracking which offers high spatial and temporal resolution and furthers the possibility for network integration of levitated oscillators. She is currently perusing a PhD at King’s College London in the field of LevitatedElectromechanics as a part of Dr James Millen’s group, which focuses on levitation of mesoscopic objects to study macroscopic quantum physics and energy exchange at the nanoscale.

Research interests

  • Levitation

  • Electromechanics

  • Optomechanics

  • Magnetomechanics

  • Optics 

PhD supervisor

Principal supervisor: Dr James Millen