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Nadine Owen

Nadine Owen

PhD Student

Research interests

  • Child & Family
  • Media
  • Women


Nadine has worked as a children and young person’s counselling practitioner since 2019. When working in EVA Women’s Aid in Redcar, Nadine decided to work with counselling children exposed to trauma. Nadine is particularly passionate about working in a therapeutic way with neurodivergent children who often fall through the net when it comes to mental health services.

Nadine holds a BA in integrative counselling (theory and practical) and an MA in Early Years and Childhood Studies. Her MA dissertation focused on the stigmatisation a young autistic female experience in a secondary school setting, and Nadine reflected on past counselling experiences with young female clients to do this, using an autoethnographic approach to her work.

Furthermore, Nadine’s research will consider the impact of the loss of Every Child Matters policy as a direct consequence of the coalition government gaining power in 2010. This will be measured by speaking to not only mental health practitioners in England, but also those in Scotland where the policy is still intact.

Wider research areas:

  • Autistic females in the media
  • Female equality in sport
  • The impact of music on children
  • Self-harm and autistic girls
  • Healthy relationships and autistic females
  • The impact of domestic violence on children