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Nadine Spychala

Nadine Spychala

Research Software Engineer


Nadine is a Research Software Engineer (RSE) within a newly established central RSE team. She is also a doctoral researcher in computational/theoretical neuroscience & complex systems at the University of Sussex. In her research, she validates information-theoretic measures of complexity & emergence in canonical models of complex dynamical systems in order to inform empirical research. Her academic work so far has been strongly interdisciplinary, intersecting mathematics, machine learning, neuroscience, complexity science as well as philosophy. She cares about open & reproducible research (and, in this context, good research software) that is aligned with ethical research culture & incentives. Since 2023, she’s a Software Sustainability Institute (SSI) Fellow aiming to send a strong signal for SSI’s slogan “better software, better research”, and provided mentorship within the Open Seeds Program for applying open science principles.

At King’s, Nadine aims to write software that is more reproducible, shareable and allows to more easily build upon existing research incrementally. For her, being an RSE means to contribute to a larger project – that of improving science. She is also involved in the e-Research team's training activities for all things research software.

Besides software & science, she has also been teaching German to refugees and working as a psychologist for unaccompanied refugee minors. Moreover, she’s been involved in human rights work and worked as research data scientist in medical education research. She has strong interests in metascience, philosophy of science, moral philosophy, as well as AI safety, cares about positive societal impact, and leverages her diverse background to write on her (science) blog.

If you would like to work with the RSE group on one of your projects or have any questions about RSE more generally, please contact us at