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Nathaniel Télémaque

Dr Nathaniel Télémaque

Lecturer in Geography and Social Justice


Nathaniel Télémaque is a North West London-born and raised visual artist, writer, and researcher. Nathaniel earned his PhD in Geography (practice-related) from University College London. His interests are in Black geographies, urban and cultural geographies, visual practices, and archival research. His research and visual practices are orientated to attending to everyday experiences situated in and around stigmatised locales in London. Nathaniel’s research interests cuts across the fields of human geography, urban studies, and architectural history. He positions the photographs he makes with people and places as visual materials, capable of generating nuanced geographical dialogues with researchers, students, and creative practitioners.


  • Black Geographies
  • Visual Methods
  • Urban Change
  • Postcolonial Theory

Nathaniel’s research focuses on centering and framing everyday Black experiences via the utilisation of collaborative photographic practices. He is also committed to making portraits with places as a means of intervening in their representations. Combining his photography with human geography research techniques such as the use of photo-elicitation interviews, his research is advanced with people and places as opposed to working on people and places.



  • 4SSG1008 Geography Tutorials: Critical Thinking & Techniques
  • 4SSG1016 Geography in Action
  • 5SSG2047 Field Research in Human Geography (Berlin)
  • 5SSG2056 Urban Cultural Geography
  • 5SSG2061 Geographical Research Skills


  • 7SSGN002 Practising Social Research (PSR)
  • 7SSGN225 Research Design and Project Management (RDPM)

Further Details

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