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Nelly Mars
Nelly Mars

Nelly Mars

Deputy Director


Nelly Mars studied modern languages and literature in Bordeaux (France) and in 1996 she received a BA in French as a Foreign Language in Montpellier (France). She recently completed an MSc in Business and Occupational Psychology at the University of Kingston. Nelly joined the King's Language Centre (LC) in 1999 as Teacher of French, became Joint-Coordinator of French in 2005, and was promoted to Programmes Director in 2007, Interim Director in 2015 and Deputy Director in 2016. Before joining King’s College London, she worked as a Teacher of French in Spain and, from 1994 to 1996, worked in Mozambique as the Project Manager for an educational project to support French teaching in Mozambique.

In her role as Deputy Director for the King's Language Centre she is responsible for supporting the Director of the Centre in managing academic and entrepreneurial activities. She is also responsible for directing the development of appropriate markets and client-bases external to King's College London, such as London Business School. She has extensive experience in managing many diverse language programmes for a wide range of students at King’s and of large international organisations.

Her specific areas of responsibilities are:

  • the language provision for: the full-time MBA at London Business School, the BSc In International Management at King's Business School, the Maths School, the Dickson Poon School of Law, the War studies BA - East Asia Stream, King's Medical School (Scholarly Project, Intercultural Training, Year 4 scholarship)
  • MLC PG-only modules;
  • Intercultural training and strategy.