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Nicholas Eftimiades

Visiting Senior Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Conflict and security


Nicholas Eftimiades is a  Visiting  Senior  Research Fellow at Kings College. His 32 year government career includes seven years at the U.S. National Security Space Office leading engineering teams designing "generation after next" national security space capabilities. He was also Senior Technical Officer in Defense Intelligence Agency, Future’s Division, and Chief of DIA’s Space Division. He served as DIA's lead for national space policy and strategy development.

Mr. Eftimiades has authored books and number of scholarly articles on national security, technology, and space issues. Nick’s book "Chinese Intelligence Operations," is an examination of the structure, operations, and methodology of the intelligence services of the People's Republic of China. The book received worldwide recognition with the Chinese government declaring Eftimiades “an enemy of the people”. To date, it remains the only scholarly analysis of China’s intelligence services and operational methodology.Nicholas Eftimiades’ research focuses on China’s intelligence operations, national security space, future technology and implications for intelligence and national security planning.

Knowledge transfer

Nick is a frequent lecturer and public speaker on future technology, space, and national security issues. He has appeared on CBS Evening News with Connie Chung, Dateline NBC, ABC's Day One, BBC, BBC America, National Public Radio, and dozens of other television and radio broadcasts.  He has been quoted in hundreds of newspapers and magazines across the world.  Eftimiades testified before several US Congressional and Presidential Commissions concerning Chinese Espionage, National Security issues, future technology development, and the future of the US space program. He has been a consultant for several Hollywood movies.

Papers, Speeches, and Publications

A compilation of select speeches and publications are as follows:

  • The Coming Revolution,19 September 2012, EZines
  • Secret Intelligence in the Undiscovered Country, 11 December 2011, EZines
  • National Security in the Undiscovered Country
  • National Security Space in the Undiscovered Country
  • Testimony on Chinese Intelligence Operations before Congressional Joint Economic Committee
  • Testimony on the US Space Program before the President's Commission on the Moon, Mars, and Beyond
  • “Chairman Mao on Humanity’s Quest for the Stars: Methods and Process for Marshaling Public Support for Space Exploration” February, 2004, Space Technology & Applications International Forum Proceedings.
  • “China's Espionage Tactics Against America's Aerospace Industry,”
  • International Space Industry Report, (McLean, VA.  August 1998)
  • China’s Denial and Deception Program: Implications for U.S. Policy Makers?  National Defense Intelligence College, Master's Thesis,1996
  • Chinese Intelligence Operations (Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, Mar 1994), editions; Japanese, Korean, Chinese
  • “China's Ministry of State Security: Coming of Age in the International Arena,” (monograph in Contemporary Asian Studies: Occasional Papers/Reprint Series, July 1992)
  • “The Challenges of Changing National Counterintelligence Requirements,” in Proceedings of the 1993 National OPSEC Conference, Washington, D.C., August 1993)
  • Lectures Chinese Intelligence Operations U.S. National Security Policy Process Future Technology and Changing National Intelligence Requirements Research

Areas of interest

  • Intelligence Studies/Strategic Studies
  • China’s National Security/Intelligence
  • National Security Space
  • Future technology impact on  intelligence and defense