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Patrick Boyle

Mr Patrick Boyle

Professor of Finance

Research interests

  • Banking & Finance


Patrick Boyle is a Visiting Professor of Finance at King’s Business School. He teaches the Financial Derivatives module to postgraduate students in Banking & Finance, Asset Pricing and Finance Analytics.

Patrick Boyle is a Founding Partner at Palomar Capital Management, a quantitative hedge fund. Patrick began his finance career in 1997 and has worked with Victor Niederhoffer, a former partner of George Soros' and has been a Portfolio Manager at RBS, Millennium and Nomura.

Patrick’s research interests are in investment management, quantitative finance, behavioral finance and market anomalies.

Patrick won an "Innovation In Teaching" award at the King's Education Awards in 2019.

Patrick has a Bachelor’s in Management from Trinity College Dublin and a Master’s in Finance from London Business School.

Selected Publications

Corporate Finance: Investment and Advisory Applications. December 10, 2017. Boyle, Patrick and McDougall, Jesse.

Trading and Pricing Financial Derivatives: A Guide to Futures, Options, and Swaps. Published by deGruyter Press, December 2015. Boyle, Patrick and McDougall, Jesse.