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Paula Gooder

Professor Paula Gooder

Visiting Professor in Biblical Studies


After completing an undergraduate degree in Theology at Worcester College, Oxford University. Paula began a D.Phil at the Queen’s College, Oxford University on the Heavenly Ascent tradition in the writings of Paul the apostle, particularly 2 Corinthians 12.1-10. She went onto teach Biblical studies first at Ripon College Cuddesdon (1995-2001) and then at the Queen’s foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham (2001-2007). Following this she spent around eight years as a speaker and writer in biblical studies travelling the country and seeking to communicate the best of biblical scholarship in as accessible a way as possible, after that she spent six years working for the Bible Society as their Theologian in Residence and then for the Birmingham Diocese as their Director of Mission Learning and Development. She is currently the Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Research interests and PhD supervision

Paula's expertise is the New Testament, particularly 2 Corinthians or more generally the writings of Paul. In recent year she has researched and written about the role of women in the early Christian period -

  • 2 Corinthians
  • The role of women in Early Christianity
  • Narrative and it's importance for reading and understanding the New Testament.


Paula is a biblical scholar who teaches primarily New Testament studies and the writings of Paul.

Expertise and public engagement 

Paula's has spent many years speaking both nationally and internationally on the Bible. 

Selected publications

Biblical Spirituality for the whole person (SPCK, 2016)

Phoebe: A Story (Hodder, 2018)

Parables (Canterbury Press, 2020)

Women of Holy Week (CHP, 2022) Lydia (Hodder, 2022)

A Story (Hodder, 2022)