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Pavan Manogaran

Dr Pavan Mano

Lecturer in Global Cultures & Interdisciplinary Education


Pavan Mano is a cultural theorist working in the fields of contemporary literature and cultural studies. His current research focuses on nationalism’s continual generation of outsider figures and its intersections with race, gender, and sexuality, and his forthcoming monograph examines heteronormativity as a modality for the transmission of nationalism in postcolonial settings.


  • Race' and racialisation
  • Cultural studies
  • Nationalism
  • Postcolonial studies
  • Literary & critical theory 

Rethinking the heteronormative foundations of kinship: the reification of the heterosexual nuclear family unit in Singapore’s COVID-19 circuit-breaker restrictions’, Culture, Theory and Critique (2021) ‘Language policy ambivalence: the uses of a demotic language’, European Journal of Language Policy (2022) ‘Manchester United is not a football club’, Back Page Football (2022)

Selected publications

  1. ‘Ways of Mourning: Reading Grief as Friendship in Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens (1990)’, pp. 46–60 in Giannini, E. and Taylor, A. (eds), Deciphering Good Omens: Nice and Accurate Essays on the Novel and Television Series. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Co.
  2. Manchester United is not a Football Club’. Back Page Football
  3. The Uses of a Demotic Language’. European Journal of Language Policy 14(2): 163-180
  4. Rethinking the Heteronormative Foundations of Kinship: The Reification of the Heterosexual Nuclear Family Unit in Singapore’s COVID-19 Circuit-Breaker Restrictions’. Culture, Theory and Critique 62(1–2):142–53. [Open Access]