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Pavan Manogaran

Dr Pavan Mano

Lecturer in Global Cultures & Interdisciplinary Education


Pavan Mano is a cultural theorist working in and around the fields of (20th and 21st century) contemporary literature and cultural studies. He received his PhD in English Literature & Cultural Studies from King’s College London, and his work engages heavily with critical and literary theory as well as affiliated intellectual fields such as postcolonial studies, queer studies, nationalism studies, and political theory.

One of the key themes that animates Pavan’s current research is studying nationalism’s continual generation of outsider figures and its intersections with race, gender, and sexuality. At the moment, he is working on his first monograph that examines heteronormativity as a modality for the transmission of nationalism in postcolonial Singapore. Drawing on a range of texts such as political biographies, legal texts, archival records, oral histories and more, the book analyses the production of subjectivity in independent Singapore, and demonstrates how affects of belonging and non-belonging can be articulated through the governance of sexuality.

Pavan’s work has been published in journals such as Culture, Theory and Critique, the Journal of Language and Sexuality and he has also written for the King’s English and LSE Southeast Asia blogs, Back Page Football, and Atticus Review.


  • Race and racialisation
  • Queer studies & sexual politics
  • Cultural studies
  • Postcolonial studies
  • Nationalism
  • Literary & critical theory

Research interests and PhD supervision

  • Nations & nationalism
  • Cultural studies
  • 20th & 21st century literature
  • Postcolonialism & (postcolonial) South Asian literature

Selected publications