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Professor John Stokes

Emeritus Professor of Modern British Literature


Until his retirement in 2008 professor John Stokes was a fulltime member of the King’s English Department teaching a range of modern literature courses.  Before that he taught at the University of Warwick for more than twenty years.  Professor Stokes has lectured and given conference papers around the world, particularly in the USA.  He has been a regular theatre reviewer for The Times Literary Supplement since 1982.


Professor Stokes' research mainly concentrates on theatre history and on the culture of the fin-de-siècle.  Together with Professor Mark Turner he has recently completed a two-volume edition of Oscar Wilde’s journalism for Oxford University Press. This provides much greater contextual information and detailed annotation than ever before and identifies some hitherto unknown items.  John is currently writing a number of short essays on contemporary British dramatists and developing research interests in the field of animal studies.

Selected Publications

  • Oscar Wilde: Myths, Miracles and Imitations, Cambridge University Press, 1996.
  • The French Actress and her English Audience, Cambridge University Press, 2005.
  • Ed. with Maggie B. Gale, The Cambridge Companion to the Actress, Cambridge University Press, 2007.