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Professor Michael J Heath

Honorary Visiting Research Associate and Emeritus Professor


Michael Heath taught Renaissance literature and modern French theatre at King’s from 1979 until his retirement in 2004, having begun his teaching career at the University College of North Wales, Bangor. His research interests include the history and politics of the Renaissance and the classical tradition. He has edited three works by the Savoyard diplomat and scholar René de Lucinge, including his important book on the rise of the Ottoman empire He has contributed eight annotated translations to the Toronto University Press series The Collected Works of Erasmus, the first complete translation of the works of the great Dutch humanist.

Recent Publications

  • ‘Gellius in the French Renaissance’, The Worlds of Aulus Gellius, ed. L Holford-Strevens, Oxford UP, 2004, pp.273–307.
  • Erasmus, De bello Turcico On the Turkish War, translated and annotated by MJH, in Expositions of the Psalms 2, edited by Dominic Baker-Smith, The Collected Works of Erasmus, vol. 64, University of Toronto Press, 2005, pp.201-66.
  • ‘Foolish or fearsome Franks? The supposed Ottoman view of European Christians in the sixteenth century’, Conceptions of Europe in Renaissance France: Essays in Honour of Keith Cameron, ed. David Cowling, (Faux Titre, 281) Amsterdam/New York, Rodopi, 2006, pp.153-76.
  • 'Translation and Transmission: The Case of Erasmus's Exomologesis', Court and Humour in the French Renaissance, ed. Sarah Alyn Stacey, Bern, Peter Lang, 2009, pp.113--125.
  • Erasmus, Exomologesis, translated and annotated by MJH, in The Collected Works of Erasmus, vol 68, University of Toronto Press, 2015.