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Rachel C

Rachel C

Wellbeing Advisor (Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences)

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"Hello, I’m Rachel and I am the Wellbeing Advisor for the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical and Engineering Sciences. I have worked with higher education students since 2-14 when I moved to London after a few years of travelling. Prior to working in a university I was a secondary school teacher, which goes to show I have always been drawn to mentoring roles. I joined the Wellbeing team here at King’s in 2021 as I was excited to work with students in a mentoring and coaching capacity to help them reach their goals. Having moved to London from somewhere sunny I know firsthand the struggles of homesickness, loneliness and trying to navigate a new culture. If you’re feeling this way, feel free to book in as it can help to talk about it with someone outside of your family/friends circle.

Outside of work I enjoy being outdoors, travelling, playing the piano and reading."

Book with Rachel online. To see which other advisor other may be able to advise you if Rachel is not available, check Who are the Faculty Wellbeing Advisors?