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Richard Kalu

PhD Student

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Richard Kalu is a PhD Student in the Department of Geography at the School of Global Affairs, King's College London.


Thesis title: Subverting Hegemony: Deconstructing Barriers Towards Indigenous Autonomy Within the Climate-Migration Nexus

The PhD research project aims to comprehensively analyse the intricate and interconnected nature of intersecting neo-colonial hegemonic structures and their influence on the adaptive strategies and decision-making processes of indigenous communities within the climate-migration nexus. The project aims to argue that the relationship between social hegemonic structures and the climate migration nexus is complex and multifaceted, and can shape the vulnerability of individuals and communities to the impacts of climate change. The study's primary objective is to examine the underlying neo-colonial, geopolitical, and socioeconomic power dynamics, land ownership, and resource access that shape migration patterns among these communities. Moreover, the project seeks to understand the complex relationship between neo-colonial hegemonic structures and climate migration, focusing on identifying potential solutions and recommendations for adapting existing local, national, and international development frameworks. The overarching goal is to protect and uphold the rights of indigenous climate migrants, thereby fostering social and environmental justice within the case study regions. Additionally, the proposal aims to develop novel transformative adaptation strategies that can be extended for implementation in other developing countries.

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