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Robert Bieber

Mr Robert Bieber MBE

Visiting Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Law
  • Conflict and security
  • Mental Health


Robert Bieber  is a retired Charity Solicitor, now a Vice President and formerly:

  1. Deputy Chairman of Combat Stress
  2. Deputy Chairman of the London Family Proceedings Court
  3. Engaged in skill training of serving prisoners as through the Royal London Society
  4. A founder of Mediation in Divorce in Richmond

Following his KCL MA in 2010 his research has included how veterans with post-combat disorders adjust to civilian life, the possible relationship between PTSD and dementia, the history and treatment of veterans of WWI and the rehabilitation and denazification of German prisoners of war held in the UK after WWII


Research interests

  • The history and treatment of mental trauma acquired during or associated with military service
  • The responsibility of the Ministry of Defence in negligence and its duty of care to provide appropriate equipment and conditions for servicemen and women both in and out of combat
  • 20th century military history 



  • 'Art Therapy with Military Veterans - Trauma and Image' edited by Janice Lobban
  • Psychological wellbeing of UK veterans after Wars - Demobbed the Reality of Veterans' Mental Health in the UK - funded by Fit - steering committee
  • 'The Pity of it All - Naill Ferguson - contributor
  • 'Aftermath' conference - contributor
  • 'Who do you Think You Are' produced by Wall to Wall with Sir Patrick Stewart - advisor and participant



Robert Bieber teaches War Studies undergraduates on the experience of war