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Robert has just completed his PhD in the Theory and Simulation of Condensed Matter group and is waiting to defend himself in his viva, within the Department of Physics. His research entails the simulation and evaluation of metallic nanoparticles across a range of structural conformations and sizes at both the classical level; to gain insight into the structural properties and stability of such nanoparticles, and the quantum mechanical; evaluating optical properties which elucidate upon the potential catalytic performance of a given nanostructure.

His PhD was fully funded by the EPSRC's "Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Non-Equilibrium Systems" (CANES) Centre for Doctoral Training, and through this scheme, he holds an MSC in Non-Equilibrium Systems.

He is currently serving as an RA within the CPLAS grant where his expertise is on numerical methods for probing the structure-properties relationship of catalytic and plasmonic nanoparticles.

He will be starting at UCLA as a Post-doctoral Research Associate in the new year where he will be using his expertise in catalysis and numerical methods to investigate catalysis applied to biological systems.

Research interests

  • Classical molecular dynamics (CMD)

  • Time-dependent density functional theory (TD-DFT)

  • Software development

  • Catalysis

  • Plasmonics

  • Pure research profile

PhD supervisor

Principal supervisor: Dr Francesca Baletto & Professor Anatoly Zayats

Further details

See Robert's research profile