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From 2008-2013, Professor Morris was Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences (effectively Dean of Faculty), as part of which he played a significant role in bringing Chemistry back to King's. On retiring from that post in July 2013, he took over from Professor Phil Blower as Acting Head of the Department of Chemistry for a year, handing on to Professor Paula Booth as the Head of the Department of Chemistry in Sept 2014.

Research Interests

Roger Morris’s main research focus in recent years has been on the cellular mechanisms controlling the trafficking of normal (cellular) prion protein (PrPC) and its interaction with infectious prions (PrPSc) in neurons.  The central player in the trafficking of both forms of prion protein on neurons is the mega-receptor, LRP-1. A related subset of work has sought to understand how PrPC, which is tethered to the surface membrane via a lipid anchor (GPI anchor), differs in its membrane environment from another major neuronal GPI-anchored protein, Thy-1, so as to account for the very different trafficking and functional properties of these two proteins.  This has led to considerations on the identity and diversity, and methods of purifying, lipid ‘rafts’ from neurons.

Under pressure of administrative commitments during his time as Dean of Faculty, Morris temporarily closed his lab in 2010, a situation he hopes now to reverse.  A collaborative study with Professor Aki Kusumi (Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS), Kyoto University) on the molecular mobility of PrPC‑ and Thy-1 on the neuronal surface continues.

Professor Morris' Research Portal