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Rupali Lav

PhD Student


Rupali is a PhD candidate in the Tucker Lab at the Centre for Craniofacial and Regenerative Biology. Previously, she completed her training in clinical dentistry and residency in oral pathology. Her interest in stem cells and craniofacial development brought her to the Dental Institute at KCL where she obtained an MSc in Regenerative Dentistry and secured the King’s International PGR Scholarship for her doctoral training and research. Rupali’s research explores the role of stem cells and cellular signalling pathways involved in development of the tooth root. This will help understand the underlying causes of dental malformations/pathologies and help develop novel strategies for the management of truncated roots in paediatric patients.

Aside from academics, Rupali takes keen interest in science outreach and has represented KCL and the Anatomical Society at numerous public engagement events. In an effort to drive STEM engagement through the voice of creative arts, Rupali collaborated with the King’s Cultural Community on an Arts in Dentistry Innovation project to unite poetry with stem cell science.