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Sara Santos
Sara Santos

Sara Santos

Maths for Social Science Tutor


Sara holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Manchester and a BSc Pure Mathematics from the University of Porto, Portugal.

Recently Sara was Lecturer of Mathematics at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She taught foundation and first year mathematics to BSc Computer Science undergraduate students. She authored the online module Numerical Mathematics for the first online degree, the BSc Computer Science offered by University of London and hosted by Coursera.

In 2010 Sara started her own project, Maths Busking, performing maths and engineering shows in streets, schools and festivals. She was the Clothworker’s Fellow in Mathematics at the Royal Institution of Great Britain and has taught Mathematics at The Manchester Grammar School.

Sara is committed to supporting all learners to achieve their personal best and as part of a learning community. I am curious about Complex Instruction and group work, both face-to-face and online. Sara uses digital technology in teaching and learning, both for skill mastery and for deepening understanding of the subject.

She does life drawing and yoga, usually not simultaneously.