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Sarah Tierney

Sarah Tierney

Sanctuary Operations Manager

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Sarah is the Sanctuary Operations Manager and supports the delivery of the King's Sanctuary Programme which includes a range of projects, such as Sanctuary Scholarships, the University Sponsorship Model and the Sanctuary Hub. Working to ensure education remains a right for all, these innovative projects give individuals affected by conflict and displacement unrivalled opportunities to rebuild their lives and fulfil their potential. King’s also aims to enhance understanding of forced displacement among our students, staff and alumni and to develop opportunities for them to make a positive contribution through engagement activities, training and volunteering opportunities.

Sarah has worked in higher education since 2019 and is committed to widening access to university study. Sarah has taught with K+ and the Brilliant Club, and co-ran a widening participation summer programme in the School of Global Affairs. She has also worked in University programmes, and lectured with the King’s Foundations and convened the Sanctuary Programme’s Graduate Application Mentoring Scheme.

Sarah will complete her doctorate in 2024. Her thesis explores the experiences of women seeking sanctuary in urban and rural communities throughout Wales. It pays close attention to how a devolved, minority language context such as Wales interacts with wider discourses of sanctuary and resettlement.

During her doctoral studies, Sarah worked as Project Officer and Research Assistant for the King’s Sanctuary Programme and co-supervised undergraduate and postgraduate students researching the experiences of students from forced migratory backgrounds at King’s and in the UK more generally.