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Sharon Jupp2

Ms Sharon Jupp

Senior Teaching Fellow in Mental Health Nursing

Research interests

  • Nursing
  • Mental Health

Contact details


Sharon Jupp started her professional career as a Registered Mental Health Nurse, primarily working with primary healthcare in the community. Her academic studies have included psychology, social anthropology, critical theory (diversity studies), law, and a variety of therapy modalities. She has been in mental health education since 1989, initially at Middlesex University and London South Bank University before joining the teaching team at Kings College London.

Her current interests include; adverse life experiences and the development of trauma-based issues/disorder; post-traumatic stress disorder and personality disorder. She is particularly interested in effective assessment and using trauma-informed interventions with individuals. She is also concerned with the impact of trauma, including micro-traumas on individuals and their partners, close family, friends and colleagues; organisations and society as a whole.

5KNIM011 Mental Health Nursing 2

5KNIM011 Mental Health Nursing 2