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Dr Shazia Bashir PhD, MRPharmS

Teaching Fellow


Teaching fellow within the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, School of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Formerly an Associate Lecturer at UCL School of Pharmacy, where I also studied for my PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (drug delivery), I moved to King's College London in 2022. My goal is to inspire and challenge students so that, they are provided with fundamental tools and skills to negotiate a confident future. As a GPhC registered pharmacist, with several years experience in pharmacy practise and industry, I inject knowledge, experience and expertise into my job role to enhance and broaden the depth of research and teaching within the department. My research focus involves the design and development of delivery systems for therapeutic protein and peptides via the oral route, including second generation vaccine antigens. Patients' preferred route of administration is the oral route rather than parenteral which is invasive and painful. My aim is to develop a patient-centred research focus that will benefit the wider population including those in low-resource countries.