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Simone Kippins

Simone Kippins

Department Manager


Simone leads the professional services team in the department of Physics and is responsible for the strategic planning and managing the delivery of a range of cross-functional activities in education, research and business support, enterprise and engagement, health and safety, space facilities management and meeting core equality, diversity and inclusion objectives. Her duties include:


  • Working closely with the Faculty and Head of Department for the smooth running of departmental operations
  • Leading, managing, and supporting performance development in the Physics professional services team
  • Developing strategies and initiatives to improve and maintain support for the Head of Department, academic staff and students
  • Ensuring a robust department level infrastructure for teaching and research
  • Ensuring the effective running of department operations in conjunction with central services and teams, including admissions, registry, disabilities, student visa, HR, and procurement
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of department level financial procedures
  • Supporting the department with administering quality assurance and compliance procedures in line with local and college level policies and regulations